Configuring SSL/TLS security for the Web/REST Service

While SSL/TLS security configuration for the FTPS protocol is entirely self-contained, Server!’s Web/REST service relies on Windows’ HTTP.SYS subsystem, which is the same subsystem IIS is based on, and therefore its security configuration has to be made at an operating system level.

In order to ease the process, we recommend Natarc’s IISCrypto, a free and powerful utility that helps to achieve the task with just a few mouse clicks.

Choose among several ready-made templates (which include Best Practices, PCI, and even PCI 3.1) and apply the changes. Once your system has been reconfigured, it’s likely you will have to reboot in order for such changes to take effect.

These configurations are system-wide, therefore – after rebooting – all HTTP.SYS based services will be stronger and more secure, including Server!’s Web/REST Service and even Microsoft IIS.